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To have municipalities become partners with school boards in making decisions about where new schools are built and where schools are closed The Community Schools Alliance is asking the Minister of Education and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to support a “smart moratorium” on all school closings disputed by municipalities. The goal of the smart moratorium is for the Ministry, schools boards and municipalities to work together and develop policies addressing such issues as planning for declining enrolments, a mutually agreed upon ARC process, a review of funding to rural and small community schools, and defining the working relationship, transparency and accountability between municipalities and school boards. The Community Schools Alliance believes that a better system is needed to address the educational facility needs in Ontario's communities.

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The Community Schools Alliance is a non-profit organization committed to working with the Ontario Ministry of Education, municipalities and school boards to achieve a collaborative process that results in democratically determined decisions regarding education infrastructure. Such decisions should be based on principles that consider the broad impact, including but not limited to both social and fiscal effects, of any changes to the infrastructure on students and their community. View the full document

Proposed Changes to the Pupil Accomodation Review Guidelines
Mar 2018

Letter to the Minister of Education
The 2016 Annual Report of the Chair
The 2017 Annual Report of the Chair
The 2018 Annual Report of the Chair
The 2019 Annual Report of the Chair
The 2021 Annual Report of the Chair
April 2013 People for Education - Ontario Accommodation Reviews 
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